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Medical progress
and increased life expectancy have created increased demand for medical care and assistance. In the face of this growth, Euro Assist's ambition is to make health its 3rd business area by 2010.







Strongly increasing international demand

Ageing populations, new epidemics plus medical research and health developments regularly cause increased health spending in the developed countries. By 2050 the average annual increase in health spending should approach 3%. Consumers expect better funding and are ready to consider travel outside of their country of residence, in order to benefit from the expertise of medical centres of excellence.

Underpinning the growth of our customers' demand

Euro Assist's healthcare service is a natural complement to the benefits provided by health insurance. It meets high level assistance and insurance requirements – the servicing of large companies developing on an international scale, the provision of health care for the isolated locations, remote management of medical services for health insurers and the provision of services for dependant senior citizens, in particular through teleassistance.

Unrivalled Expertise

Euro Assist has been responding for more than 42 years to health needs across the world. Today the Group possesses one of the largest networks of private medical resources in the world. With this unrivalled experience in assistance and remote management of medical networks, Euro Assist is broadening its offer and developing a new business area focusing on the health sector.
Thanks to its health division – International Health Solutions (IHS), Euro Assist is equipped with the appropriate structure for managing medical assistance and insurance, both for private individuals and the local personnel of large groups.
The company is also strengthening its worldwide capacity through the creation of the Group Medical Committee. It looks to new worldwide health issues, provides harmonisation of benefit quality at international level, develops solutions for new health risks and creates medical networks to manage new Euro Assist offers.








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Unrivalled health care experience
Growing international demand
IHS, a new player to be reckoned with
The Group Medical Committee, an international intelligence centre
The increasing needs of ageing populations.

International Health Solutions (IHS): medical solutions available worldwide.
A subsidiary of the EuroAssistance Group, International Health Solutions is developing its own brand of healthcare programmes aimed at global groups and international public organisations in three primary sectors:
- Providing medical care at isolated sites: building sites, oil platforms, etc.
- Travel for Treatment: organising healthcare abroad for those wishing to benefit from optimising medical expertise.
- International medical insurance: administration of health insurance schemes for expatriates and local employees of multinational groups.
IHS has already been operating for four years in France, the UK and Ireland, South Africa, Oceania, Chad, Algeria, Angola and Thailand. With 150 experts and the support of EuroAssistance’s 33 subsidiaries, IHS is able to provide medical solutions to all of its customers, whatever their geographical location.
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